Wednesday 10 April 2013

Learning the right way/the importance of a good apprenticeship

Do you remember being young and your parents telling you how important it is to get a good education? Well it’s true! Not just for kids either. And you should never underestimate the importance of learning something the right way. In case you hadn't guessed. I'm referring to apprenticeships. Yes, that oh so sought after foot in the door into the tattoo game. Famously hard to find and secure. A long lonely hard road to take. but the right way none the less. 

There are so many hopefuls wanting to get into tattooing. Most seem to only want to get into tattooing because of our rock n roll lifestyle. Though it is pretty rock n roll. I’m here drawing clients tattoo designs in the studio till 2am most nights with my iPhone shuffling through playlists and drinking endless amounts of tea. I like drawing, drinking tea and listening to music so its pretty rock n roll to me.

the number of people wanting to tattoo is increasing. I've lost count of the amount of e-mails and phone calls I’ve had last year alone! Quality of applicants varies wildly, most I won’t comment on because I might offend someone.

Luckily it’s pretty easy to tell who's just been 'wooed' into thinking it’s a glamorous money spinning machine by all the tattoo TV shows aired over the past few years. You get the type who call and ask about apprenticeships over the phone. and the type who pop into the shop totally unprepared and shamelessly ask for tips and hints or to buy equipment.

Then there are the ones who almost seem to ask in passing, people who ask as they are waiting for their friend/ family member/ partner to finish being tattooed.

If you want to get into tattooing you've got to be enthusiastic, have good drawing skills, present yourself in the right way and show a willingness to work hard (or even for free which most apprentices do)  for what you want. Good people skills and a sense of humour won't hurt either! Oh and good tea making will earn extra brownie points.

Sadly for a lot of people now-a-days, popping down to a tattoo studio to show them their artwork seems to be like too much effort. This is obviously due to the UK culture of "the world owes me a living" created by Thatcher ;)

Yes, apprenticeships are hard to find but if you want something badly enough you'll work hard to get it and it will not happen overnight. Like most things in life, 

“the more you put in to it, the more you will get out of it” 

Peace out ;) 

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