Friday, 30 October 2015

Change is good ;)

There have been a few changes to how Sacred Ink™ operates and everyone wants to know. If you are a regular then you’ll obviously know what has been happening, if not then please keep reading.

Why did Sacred Ink™ move again after all the hassle of moving from Brixton?
In 2014 Sacred Ink Ltd was approached by the landlord of our Herne Hill Location with an offer for the lease, after many meetings and negotiations, the shareholders and director of Sacred Ink ltd decided to accept an offer. Simple as that, we sold the lease. We thought 2015 would be a perfect time to exit and accepted it. Opportunities
like that don’t happen very often so why not strike while the iron’s hot. Even more so that we have the first refusal on the shop if things don't go too well for the current business, so we could come back to Herne Hill if the event arises.

What happens now?

Sacred Ink™ is now operating as a private studio operating in London and providing tattooing services for other tattoo studios. Sacred Ink™ will also be tattooing at tattoo conventions and guest spots in other studios. The move to Greenwich happened in May 2015. Since then it’s been extremely busy with old and new clients. A lot of the tattoo work I have done you can see on the website and on the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Why not follow our social media pages and be kept up to date.

Other than this little update, more news and shenanigans will be posted on the blog so bookmark it and keep an eye out ;) In the meantime (no pun intended) if you wish to get in touch, feel free to contact us on 020 7733 1220 or send an email through the website

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